Brazilian Savanna

Our projects aim to avoid deforestation. We conserve the native vegetation in the total area of each project, preventing them from clearcutting. These avoided emissions generate carbon credits.

Fazenda Bonito
  • Fazenda Bonito

Description:Avoided deforestation in a biodiversity hotspot

Area: 355 hectares

Carbon credits: 50,732 tCO2e.

Location: Goiás, Brazil - Coordinates

Symbol specie: Scarlet macaw

Environmental relevance: located in the Emas-Taquari biodiversity corridor, tha area serves as buffer zone for a conservation unit Pousada das Araras, an important remnant of wooded savanna where numerous animals endangered species seek shelter.

Historical relevance: neighboring area has an important pre-historical site with rock paintings, visited by more than 40 schools per year (environmental education).


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